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Bulk Loading and transportation has become the latest trend for costs reduction of bagging, storage and logistics.
The most popular are by means of specifically designed bulk trailers that allow an easy bulk transfer in inland transporation. However, the challenge starts when trailers are to be transported by sea from island to island where the impact of freight cost may affect the distribution feasability.

VRH Eurosolutions Inc. has therefore studied, in cooperation with specific suppliers, the transportation of bulk products by containers.
Ships and ports are all equipped for the handling of containers making the costs much more affordable.
Containers can be used to transport raw materials like grains, soya bean meal and finished products such as: feed pellets, wheat flour, food products, etc.
For each type of product an appropriate arrangement is to be applied.

There are several solutions are available for the loading and unloading of the containers.
For an optimal filling operation of the container, we propose our solution by the utilization of a Container Tilting Platform.
Container Tilting Platform
The Container Tilting Platform is a self standing sturdy steel fabricated device designed to clamp onto a 20' or 40' container from the truck, lift and tilt.
The tilting angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90 Degrees and it can be utilized for both loading or unloading operations.
The clamping and tilting features are operated hydraulically.
Time from truck positioning, clamping and tilting is within a time range of 15-20 minutes.
All operations can be carried out by just 1 operator.
Other additional features available are:

  • Electrical control panel with safety lights and tilting jog command
  • Automated opening and closing of the doors by means of hydraulically operated arms
  • Load cells application for container weight determination
  • Safety devices warning operator unexpected unlocking of the container
  • Lifting allowed only if container is fully locked
  • Fully automated clamping system with
  • Telescopic spreader sutiable to handle ISO containers 20’-40’ (Optional)
  • CE Marked
This method is ideal for powdery material, such as wheat flour.
The fluidized bottom allows the flour to flow at high capacity, allowing a 20' container to fill in less than 10 minutes.
As mentioned, food grade materials require an internal special liner CARETEX.

Free flow materials such as grains or pellets, don't require fludized bottom but just a simple slide gate.
For food products, wheat flour in our case, we propose the utilization of a specifically designed internal plastic liner, equipped with required features for its loading, unloading and preservation of the product during its transportation.
The liner is manufactured by CARETEX company.
This method is ideal for powdery material, such as wheat flour.
For a simpler installation, a cyclone filter can be inserted in the existing positive pressure conveying system by means of a diverter valve.
The filling time of the container shall depend on the capacity of the existing positive pressure conveying system.

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